Dilip Agrawal: In a league of his own

Dilip Agrawal began his illustrious career with banking. He joined Bank of Credit & Commerce International (BCCI) in the NRI Portfolio Management Cell. Though still a greenhorn, he earned the distinction of being an advisor for income tax on NRI investments in India for which he conducted seminars across the Gulf region.  Armed with this exposure, Dilip soon joined a leading broker for BSE & NSE as the principal counsellor for institutional investments.

Foraying into newer vistas:

Having played top-level cricket his innate passion and skill for the sport drew him towards sports management. With a far-reaching knowledge of finance and management, he decided to explore the burgeoning industry of ‘Events and Branding’. He got associated with Percept D’ Mark (PDM), as the head of SGPDM, a joint venture between PDM and Sourav Ganguly, the then captain of the Indian cricket team.

While at PDM, he managed cricketers like Sourav Ganguly, Zaheer Khan & Yuvraj Singh, alongside organizing and handling all types of cricket events like cricket clinics, branding events, and international matches. He initiated the joint venture between PDM and the Cricket Association of Nepal for a three-match series between India’s ‘Under 19 Team’ and the Nepal National team. He also put together the ‘Airlines Trophy’ held in Nepal.

He competently managed the entire production of mega-events, like the “Hero Honda NKP Salve Challenger Trophy” mobilizing the top cricketers for the event. This sharpened his management skills and gave him astute insights into the dynamics of setting up a successful event.  He oversaw the production of important charity games, involving contemporary legends of national and international cricket.

Venturing out/New endeavours:

Harnessing his remarkable and in-depth experience in the fields of Entertainment, Sports, and corporate events, he planned to bring about an exciting new change which was bound to pique interest. In 2009, Dilip put to work his keen sense of enterprise by starting his own sports management company ‘Out of Box’.

He is credited for being an architect of the “SAP Invitational F15 Cricket Cup”. This event was an invitational cricket tournament for customers of SAP India Pvt. Ltd.

The tournament which started in 2009 was played all over India and Sri Lanka and is reputed to be the most professional corporate cricket tournament. It is to his merit that he became the Manager for two seasons of the Bengal Warriors Pro Kabaddi team owned by the Future Group (Big Bazaar).

Under this venture, he piloted a cricket team ‘Mumbai Heroes’ which comprised of Bollywood celebrities. Launched in 2010, he handled this team for 5 years. He was the creator of CEO Cricket Challenge where all the eminent CEO played the game.

Bringing together his ingenuity and expertise, Dilip created a new upside by forming India’s first complete celebrity sports team, ‘Boxy Boyz’.

In its 12th year now, the team boasts of having more than 80 sought-after actors and models batting for them. ‘Boxy Boyz’ has gone places touring extensively, at times by invitation, also being a part of many social and charity causes. Today ‘Boxy Boyz’ is now a well-known celebrity sports brand.

Actor’s Cricket Bash (ACB) Dilip Agrawal is now vigorously working towards heralding a new era with ‘Actor’s Cricket Bash’ (ACB).

Played on open ground, ACB is serious cricket. The game aims to give all those actors who enthusiastically love the game a new lease of life. Away from the sweat and the rigours of being in front of the camera, the team play robustly, enjoying every moment of batting for ACB.

It is a novel idea as ACB aims to bring on its line-up all the popular actors who share a common zeal for cricket. It is not surprising therefore that ACB has been received very well garnering much appreciation from all quarters.

With actors eager to play the game, Dilip has extensive and inspiring plans to take the game to all the states of India. This will be a golden opportunity for the regional actors to partake in the game and win.